The Mohegan Tribe


Tribal Departments

The Tribal government has numerous administrative departments responsible for managing various facets of Tribal life, interactions outside the Tribe and the reservation’s infrastructure. Here are some examples of how the Tribe looks after the welfare of its members.

Chief Operating Officer
Office of Land Management
Land Preservation & Planning
Public Works
Public Safety
Protective Services
Real Estate Management
Regulation & Compliance
Building Officials
CAD/Document Retention
Environmental Protection
Office of Tribal Member Services
Art & Design
Health & Human Services
       Contract Health
       Family Services
       Recreation & Community Services
     Tribal Information
   Human Resources
   Information Systems
Office of Attorney General
Athletic Regulation

Office of Governmental Affairs & Public Relations
Tribal Publications

Audit Committee

Courts/Judiciary Committee

Cultural and Community Programs


Gaming Commission

Housing Authority

Utility Authority

Workers' Compensation

The Mohegan Tribal Housing Authority offers programs such as rental assistance, home ownership and home improvement loans to Tribal members. From its inception in 1998, the home ownership program has helped hundreds of Tribal members buy homes. In addition, qualified members can live in Tribally-owned homes until they can afford to purchase their own.

The Education Department, overseen by the Mohegan Board of Education, provides scholarships for private schools for grade K-12 and for higher education and supports members working toward a GED or diploma. Through the Education Department, Mohegan Tribal youth also have the opportunity to participate in the annual Native American Youth Summit in Washington, D.C. The conference heightens students’ awareness that they have a voice in government, encourages active participation in their own Tribal government and nurtures future leaders.

The Tribal Utility Authority and Land Preservation & Planning manage and service the reservation’s own lands and infrastructure, including power, water and land. The Utility Authority kept pace with the reservation's explosive growth during the expansion of the Casino and hotel. The development of the Fort Hill substation and the installation of environmentally-friendly fuel cells ensure reliable power for the reservation. In addition, the Tribe brokered cooperation among several surrounding cities and towns to develop a mutual plan to share water as the area continues to grow. 

The Mohegan Tribe takes public safety seriously and has developed best practices in these areas. The Mohegan Tribal Fire Department is considered the premier firefighting and EMS operation in southeastern Connecticut. The department handles calls from the reservation, including the Casino, and throughout Montville. The Protective Services Department trains its members in security, crime scene preservation, blood-borne pathogens and HAZMAT procedures. The Police Department completed training with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to enable the Tribe to enforce federal law on the reservation. The Tribe initiated a Public Safety bike patrol, which enables officers to patrol the reservation effectively while reducing unnecessary auto emissions.

The Building Officials ensure that all existing and new buildings meet Tribal building codes and industry construction standards. This was especially important during the major hotel and Casino expansion.

The Mohegan Tribal Gaming Commission oversees all gaming operations on the reservation and ensures regulatory integrity. In fact, the Tribe’s gaming regulation is more extensive than that found in Las Vegas, with both inspectors and investigators seeing that regulations are strictly followed. The Commission also interacts with the state Division of Special Revenue to ensure proper licensing of employees and approve new games and policy changes. The Tribal Gaming Commission makes sure that the Mohegan Sun Casino meets all National Indian Gaming Commission regulations.

The Tribal Health and Human Services Department provides a broad spectrum of benefits to Mohegan members. Family services range from fuel and energy assistance, day care and counseling to help with anger management, parenting and substance abuse. The Tribe delivers both behavioral health services and a wide range of medical services to its members. The department also trains the Connecticut Department of Children and Families on the Indian Child Welfare Act and cultural issues facing Native Americans.

Many Tribal programs look after the development of Mohegan youth as future members and leaders. The Tribe’s Health and Human Services Department manages a youth mentoring program, which matches young people with adults to support character building, academic success and an improved quality of life.

The Cultural and Community Programs Department helps to carry on traditions by providing access to instruction and materials for traditional crafts and skills such as basketmaking, beadwork and the making of traditional drums and regalia. In addition, the department coordinates the annual Wigwam Festival; Cultural Outreach programs to schools, civic groups and community centers; Mohegan participation at parades and fairs; and provides performers for dancing and drumming exhibits during Hot Summer Fun at Mohegan Sun.