The Mohegan Tribe


Federal recognition for the Mohegan Tribe was the culmination of years of work.

The Mohegan Tribe gained federal recognition as a sovereign nation on March 7, 1994. However, we have existed as a tribe in southeastern Connecticut for hundreds of years and as part of the indigenous North American population for 10,000 years. We've lived together, celebrated our traditions together and struggled to survive together as a tribe through many dark years. Our local community knew us as Indians. For more, see the interactive Timeline.

Federal recognition has given the Mohegan Tribe the opportunity to conduct itself as a sovereign nation. To get there, the Tribe had to meet strict criteria, but was able to meet these high standards of proof and answer questions about why the tribe would take the trouble.

Governor Lowell P. Weicker, Jr.: (then Connecticut Governor) "I don't think there is one of us as American citizens that isn't proud to go ahead and rectify the mistakes of history. That has now been done."
Solidifying Sovereignty
In 1998, President Clinton signed an Executive Order recognizing the sovereignty of Indian nations and defining the U.S. relations with recognized Indian tribes as "government-to-government.