The Mohegan Tribe


Books & Videos

The Mohegan Tribe has produced a number of books, videos and workbooks, which can be used as part of a school curriculum or as resources for those with interest in Tribal culture.

pic_akeyinthelanguageA Key into the Language of Woodsplint Baskets
Edited by Ann McMullen and Russell G. Handsman
Native American basket weaving traces its origins back thousands of years, making it one of the oldest indigenous art forms. Inspired by utility, available local materials and tradition, baskets vary widely from tribe to tribe. This book explores the origins, art and craft of Native American woodsplint baskets. The authors go beyond discussion of how the baskets were made, they provide insights into the basket-makers themselves.
pic_makiawisugbookMakiawisug: The Gift of the Little People
By Melissa Jayne Fawcett & Joseph Bruchac

A traditional children's tale of the magical Little People (Makiawisug) who inhabit the Mohegan homeland and their relationship to the earth. Beautifully illustrated with original oil paintings.


pic_book1Medicine Trail: The Life and Lessons of Gladys Tantaquidgeon
By Melissa Jayne Fawcett
Contrary to the fictional account of James Fenimore Cooper, the Mohegan/Mohican Nation did not vanish with the death of Chief Uncas more than three hundred years ago. In the remarkable life story of one of its most beloved matriarchs’ 100 year-old Medicine Woman Gladys Tantaquidgeon-Medicine Trail tells of the Mohegans' survival into this century.

pic_folkmedicinebookFolk Medicine of the Delaware and Related Algonkian Indians
By Gladys Tantaquidgeon
Classic monograph describing Mohegan, Nanticoke and Delaware Indian medicines, both spiritual and herbal.

pic_lastingofMohegansbookThe Lasting of the Mohegans
By Melissa Jayne Fawcett
Winner of the first Native Writers of the America's First Book Award. A quick guide to the basics of Mohegan history.

pic_moheganchiefbookMohegan Chief: The Story of Harold Tantaquidgeon
By Virginia Frances Voight
This novel, originally published in 1965, was reprinted by the Mohegan Tribe in 2004, 100 years after the birth of Harold Tantaquidgeon. An afterward is included in this printing that chronicles the highlights of the remaining 24 years of Harold's life.

pic_funandlearnMohegan Fun and Learn Book
A young children's guide to Mohegan culture through games, stories and art. Written by Anita Page. Illustrations by Dan Kerwin. Both Page and Kerwin are Tribal members.

pic_nativeamericanbook_whiteThe Native Americans of Connecticut: Holding On and Moving Forward
This teacher resource guide published by the Connecticut State Department of Education (2000) includes readings, activities and lesson plans to help educators incorporate Native American history into curricula. Material is broken down by learning level: early elementary, upper elementary and middle school and high school. The guide helps educators lead discussions and encourage students to think about and apply what they’ve learned.

pic_uncasworkbookThe Mark of Uncas
This curriculum guide is meant to be used with The Mark of Uncas video. Intended for middle, high school and college level students, this workbook also includes expanded reading, discussion topics and resources for further study.
Makiawisug:The Gift of the Little People
Long a part of Mohegan oral tradition, the Makiawisug, or Little People come to life in this claymation animated video. Mohegan Medicine Woman Martha Uncas is called upon by the Little People to help restore the health of their elder, Granny Squannit. Martha braves a mighty storm to travel to the underground enclave of the Little People, where her medicine and kindness restore Granny Squannit's health. She is rewarded with a gift of thanks, which she passes down to her granddaughter, in the same manner that the traditions of the past are carried into the future. This 22-minute movie has received many awards, including Best Animation at the Houston Pan-Cultural Film Festival; a finalist award from The New York Film Festival; and Animation Short Stop Motion Third Place from the Vancouver Effects and Animation Festival.

Mark of Uncas-Emmy Award Winning Documentary
An hour-long documentary exploring the complex and enduring legacy of the Mohegan's greatest Chief. Belying the myth of the Last of the Mohicans, this film suggests that Uncas was a pivotal player in the colonial period, rather than a tragic footnote.